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Finish - MudathalonWelcome to Engineered Gains!

I will be your guide to designing and creating a better you. Do you want to be lean and athletic? Maybe you want to be big and strong? Some may just want to be a bit healthier.  Whatever your goals are, you can make them happen. It doesn’t matter what your current starting point is. All that matters is the journey to that destination.

What I want to do is expose the truth about getting and staying in shape. In theory, fitness should be easy. Eat good food, workout and voila, you’re in exceptional shape and are a happy healthy individual. Unfortunately it’s not always so straight forward. We see these great bodies on TV and in the movies but often forget that for these people, staying in shape is part of their job. They have nutritionist, personal trainers, and tons of free time to maintain and transform their physique. (not to mention some may dabble with “extracurricular supplements”)

For the rest of us who have to work, go to school full-time, or raise kids, spending upward of 2 hours at the gym while performing cardio daily and meticulously counting macros can be a daunting task and take up a substantial amount of time. If you are anything like me you would like to optimize this process by knowing what actually works and what doesn’t.

That’s where I come in.

There are so many misconceptions around fitness. We have personal trainers promise extreme results in short time frame and everybody knows someone who swears by some crazy workout, diet or cleanse. I guess I don’t believe what I hear until I’ve actually tried it. I have personally been experimenting with many different things over the past 8 years, some successful and others not so much. I plan use my training experience along side my degree to take an engineers approach on fitness. I will rigorously test and document every aspect of my training and nutrition with the hopes that we can all can learn how to use our precious time as effective as possible.

Each and every person is different so what works for me may not work for you 100%, but it will give you a foundation to go off. It will show you what can be possible for working class heroes like us to achieve and what results we can expect. It will show you how much time and dedication will be needed for certain training programs or diets. It will ultimately show you what works and what is a waste of time. If you want to follow along with me and share your results (publicly or privately) I would absolutely be floored! In engineering, nothing is better than a larger sample size. Nothing, except watching your hard work pay off.

This is a fitness blog and I hope to help motivate you and prove that it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working that 9-5. We will sift through the mass amount of broscience out there and discover the truth. We will verify if the professional trainers can actually relate to us in the working class. We will learn not only about fitness and nutrition but mentality and lifestyle changes in the process. Oh, and I assure you we will be taking some amusing anecdotal adventures along the way.

So I welcome you to Engineered Gains and invite you to join me on this journey. Together we can get through the nitty-gritty, become healthier every day and transform ourselves to create our dream physique!

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  • Sheryl Weinberg

    Sounds like a great plan. Count me in. I am looking forward to greater success with healthy life style and weight loss. Thank you.