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As mentioned before I had recently completed Kris Gethin’s 12 week muscle building trainer. Before that, I had never even heard of him but after spending 12 weeks on his program I am extremely impressed. He is one of the most well-known names among international bodybuilding and a well-respected personal trainer for many Bollywood celebrities. He has bestselling fitness books, is CEO of KAGED MUSCLE supplement brand and CEO of Body by Design. When it comes to his training this guy is a mad man!

His workouts pushed me to the limits. The more I learn about him the more respect he gains from me. I trust his training methods and I’m excited to follow another one of his programs.

4Weeks2Shred is Kris’s newest training program and is available for free on Bodybuilding.com.

As the name suggests, 4Weeks2Shred is a 4 week weight loss program promising to cut fat while maintaining lean muscle. That’s right, only 4 weeks! Kris himself states that if you follow this program to the T you could lose up to half of your body fat percentage! Quite the promise!  My winter’s dirty bulk went pretty well which is why I’ve chosen Kris to help me shed my insulating layer and get ready for the warmer weather. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the next 4 weeks.


With only 4 weeks to get shredded the nutrition will be extremely important and of course, strict! The following macro-nutrient daily goals are given:

Protein: In order to maintain muscle, he recommends 1.18 x lbs of your body weight in grams of protein each day. For me this will be 1.18 x 190lbs = 225g of protein. This number does not change throughout the 4 weeks. Remember it and make sure you get your proteins in every day. This is to be lean protein such as chicken, fish, egg whites, and lean red meat although you can make any meat lean by taking some time and trimming the fat off yourself. He also provides alternatives for veterinarians; Tofu, Soy, and low-fat cottage cheese in addition to whey and casein protein powders.

Carbs: This is where the diet becomes strict. Kris implements a carb cycle type diet. Every week he dropped the carbs slightly until the last day (photo day) where he increase the carbs a bit to fill out your muscles. Below is my calculated daily allowance of carbs for the next 4 weeks.

Daily complex carb requirements:

Week 1: .65 x lbs. of body weight
Example: 190 lbs. x .65 = 124 g of starch carbs daily

Week 2: .58 x lbs. of body weight
Example: 190 lbs. x .58 = 110 g of starch carbs daily

Week 3: .53 x lbs. of body weight
Example: 190lbs. x .53 = 101 g of starch carbs daily

Carb depletion and loading process for “after” images:

Week 4, days 22-23: .47 x lbs. of body weight
Example: 190 lbs. x .47 = 89 g of starch carbs daily

Week 4, days 24-25: .35 x lbs. of body weight
Example: 190 lbs. x .35 = 67 g of starch carbs daily

Week 4, days 26-27: .28 x lbs. of body weight (for 2 days)
Example: 190 lbs. x .28 = 53 g of starch carbs daily

Week 4, day 28 (photo day): .50 x lbs. of body weight (for 1 day)
Example: 190 lbs. x .50 = 95g of starch carbs daily

Carb depletion ensures that our body will be burning fat to fuel our workouts through the process known as ketosis. Meal prep will be key in those final week where you may be more lethargic and succumb to temptation of foods not on your meal plan.

Fats: ….Searching through that page you don’t see any fats. Well that’s just the thing. No fats except the naturally occurring fats in the meat. No nuts for snacks and use very little oils when cooking. Ouch

So basically Kris suggests to eat your fill of fibrous carbs i.e. broccoli, spinach, green beans, artichokes, etc. to help with hunger and make sure to drink lots of water. This is an extremely low caloric intake and will be substantially below my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). TDEE is your body’s total caloric need during a 24 hour period and can be calculated here.

In order to get the results 4Weeks2Shred promises in such a short time frame I should have known this would be very restricted. As always, I will be using MyFitnessPal App in order to log my macros and calories every day.

A word of caution if you attempt this or any other similar diets. Low carbs diets and extremely low calorie diets can affect people in negative ways so if you decide to try this listen to your body. In the past when I had low calories sometimes got light headed and dizzy when lifting so this will be something I need to stay conscious of while on this program. Your personal health and safety comes first before your training, don’t forget that!


  • Day 1: Back & Biceps
  • Day 2: Shoulders & Triceps
  • Day 3: Active rest
  • Day 4: Legs
  • Day 5: Chest, Calves & Abs
  • Day 6: Active rest
  • Day 7: Active rest

4Weeks2Shred sets us up with a 4 training days per week split. 2 days of training, 1 day “active rest”, 2 more days of training, and then 2 days of “active rest” Active rest is quoted because these rest days should NOT be called rest days! Every day, Training days and “active rest” days, all have a mandatory AM and PM cardio session.

Training days consist of lifts in a pyramid type high intensity volume training hybrid that Kris calls “DTP Extreme”. Basically what that means is high intensity drop sets. Each week the rep ranges change but Kris does do a good job and has a daily video you can tune in to watch and remind yourself what you should be doing. Kris used this same principle on the 12 week muscle builder and it really helps motivate you and keep you on track. I highly recommend follow the videos, I know I will be for this program!

On active rest days, the cardio duration is increase and still performed twice a day, AM and PM. Finally, every week that the carbs decrease, the duration of cardio also increases!

Cardio looks something like this:

  • Week 1: Training days – 35mins X 2        Active rest – 40mins X 2
  • Week 2: Training days – 40mins X 2        Active rest – 45mins X 2
  • Week 3: Training days – 45mins X 2        Active rest – 50 mins X 2
  • Week 4: Training days – 50mins X 2       Active rest – 60 mins X 2

This is going to be insane! I think Kris says it best, “you have to do unnatural things in the gym in order to gain unnatural results” Let’s see if 4Weeks2Shred can live up to its hype! If you want to read more about 4weeks2shred make sure to check out the links to bodybuilding.com. If any of you have followed this program or are thinking about doing it leave a comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts about it! See you in the gym!


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